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Cinda xishan ginkgo89Ping | Modern

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Cinda xishan ginkgo Small area Located in hefei area of shushan wangjiang road and huaining road jiaokou southwest corner,The total land area74808Square meters,Total building area187020Square meters,Planning3Period of small high-rise building、High-rise residential、Apartment and related business、The clubhouse。 Cinda xishan planned volume rate of ginkgo2.43,For green area43%

Hailiang nine seal120 | European style

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The sea bright topaz is nine bright property in hefei in the third,Project is located in the west side of of shushan,High-tech zone innovation avenue and anhui waterways jiaokou eastward500M,A total construction area of62Ten thousand square,Set the townhouse、This top、Business center is an organic whole,2.6Total volume rate of city low-density high-end community。Nine topaz townhouse,2.1M layers of platform design,Hefei is unique,Perfect subsided courtyard,High-level and villa products have a large space free;The community people subchannel design completely,Each step in the community can enjoy pleasant and convenient。Pure French architectural style,Strong sense of order,Majestic facade,Extremely

China resources arc DE triomphe320Ping | European style

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Hefei huarun center project is located in the cultural district in hefei in anhui,North scenic swan lake,South by XiYou road Olympic sports center,East to buried hill road,Urban green axis is in the west。Hefei government、Hefei grand theater、Anhui culture museum around four weeks,Enjoy the best urban resources。A total construction area of nearly70Square meters,16Building super-tall design(Building height120M000000-00-0-0-0-050M),Building height3.1aa0003.6M,About worth area200Square meters,The layer model about Pacific Ocean湖南福利彩票双色球Square meters。With the international first-class planning,Super luxury door model,Garden residential master of the world。

Yili wingceltis palace267Ping | New Chinese style

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Hefei yili wingceltis palace project developed by anhui yili group exclusive investment,Project is located in ningguo south road and nest road AD,Covers an area of land65.21m,Project for residential and commercial development。To build12Building monomer,Layer for11~14Layer。A total construction area of142154Square meters,With the ground111563Square meters,Underground30591Square meters。Inside the village also has a business services、Community institutions、Property management and other supporting engineering。

City landscape114Ping | Modern

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In response to the large construction development needs,To meet the needs of the development of market economy,China coal mine construction group real estate co., LTD in anhui investment8.5Construction“The city landscape”Residential area,For residents in and around hefei to solve housing problem。Urban trunk road in the north well post road construction site,Oasis road in the west,Tian port road on the south,Three facing street,From the Yangtze river west road viaduct100M,The whole plot approximate founder,Land is flat and level。

Letter hid in garden villa176Ping | American

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Letter to the city square garden adjacent to one ring,The whole plot by four main road into the city,East to tongling north road,The west side of quanjiao road,North Station Road,To fengyang road south。Total project covers an area of419m,A total construction area of million square meters;The business、Business area58Million square meters,Form a complete set24Million square meters of residential and garden12.79Thousands of square meters comprehensive parking lot,Is the letter to group a residential building、Office、Business、Shopping、Entertainment in a body's one million urban context,Is the anhui province、One of the higher-end urban context。


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Da fengfan decoration decoration
    Since the transformation of da fengfan decoration,By design studio transformation into a big style decoration company。Scope of business mainly involved at this stage:Housing、Villa、A person of extraordinary powers curtilage、The sales department、The office、Teahouse、The coffee shop、The clubhouse、Business hotel in the design and construction, etc。Da fengfan decoration understanding of interior space design,Based on customer demand to the space of originality,As well as the design elements、Household act the role of the depth of the style after integration as the core。
Senior ash More practical
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The silence in the picture,Cause the soul of static。The tiny subject matter above expansion state of the universe,With pure visual language,Interpretation of art with their own unique。?——About morandi(Morandi)
The more China The more noble
201aaaa000000010 18:14
The Chinese the nobility?“With the flourishing,To dance with nature”The inheritance and innovation as the main starting point to the case,Throughout the past and contemporary design,With the unique space design?Carved gorgeous rich vocabulary“China's impression”
Decorate some common pitfalls on the choice of lamps and lanterns,Have you noticed that?
Light is the most attractive flirting division inside the bedroom,Different modelling、Color、The material、Size for different bedroom build different lighting effect,The bedroom show a different face。So when decorate,Choosing lamps and lanterns is very key thing,A lot of friends when choose lamps and lanterns has some misunderstanding,Today along with landscape decoration small make up to look at it!?Myth1:Do not have a unified style?A lot of friends like to buy some nice lamps and lanterns,If style more lights are put together,The whole house looks is not so good,At the same time in a space mix two styles of lights,Seems to be more coordination。?Myth2