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Main production vacuum tube type solar water heater、Project collection hot module、The secondary heat exchange of solar water heater、Split type solar water heater, etc
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Haining home to the solar industry co., LTD. Is a collection of solar energy research and development、Manufacturing、Sales and service in a body's green new energy enterprises,Located in the famous hometown of solar water heater--Haining, zhejiang province,Hangzhou in the west、Shanghai in the east、In the south of qiantang river,HangPu high speed、Habitat and the shanghai-hangzhou high-speed wear,Advantageous geographical position,The traffic is very convenient。

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Main production vacuum tube type solar water heater、Project collection hot module、The secondary heat exchange of solar water heater、Split type solar water heater, etc。
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To go throughISOQuality management system certification、AllianceCECertification、Solar key markCertification,Also be haining heat utilization one of the eight companies unit alliance standards drafting unit。
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The products are sold well both in India、France、Australia、Canada and other overseas markets,More promotion for Jordan's first brand。
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Module power supply of the hot test steps
Is famous for its small volume of the power supply module,Are on a low voltage input、Large current output,And large power density direction。But,High level of integration、High power density will make the unit volume on the influence of temperature is more and more become system reliable work、The biggest barrier to performance improvement。Statistics show that,Electronic components each temperature increase2℃,Its reliability10%,Temperature rise50℃Only the life of a temperature rise25℃At the time of the1/6。So the purpose of the thermal design
How to choose the correct power supply module
From the designFPGAImplemented on the proof of concept,When the power supply must be created to now。Power supply module provides a isolation type12VThe power supply,For advancedASIC、Micro controller、FPGAThe power supply and a variety of other components。As they always do,These components is actually full of space of the circuit board,To provide adequate power、Stability、Thermal performance、Low noise and reliability need to challenge the laws of physics。Due to theASIC、And micro controllerFPGA
Solar photovoltaic (pv) sector performance
Domestic shale gas industry announced last week after a number of technical breakthrough information,This week the energy sector again good,Including crystal energy、Sun power supply、More than sunlight energy, solar energy photovoltaic industry listed companies,Has released in the first three quarters of business data,Production、A steady rise in income,Net profit increase greatly。Reporter from yesterday held2017Distributed photovoltaic development BBS to south China,Due to demand growth,2017Since the third quarter
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