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   Lanxi rui ding machine tool co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of valve type machine tool,All kinds of valve type machine tool designed for you

 Lanxi rui ding machine tool co., LTD. Is located in the zhejiang industrial tourism city in the Midwest——Lanxi,Has a reputation for beautiful scenery、Picturesque、Rich products、Industry developed。The company was founded in1994Years,After many years of accumulation,Has a group of experienced technical backbone and complete processing equipment。Since1998In the first valve class dedicated machine tools was born today,More than a decade,There have been thousands of valve class dedicated machine tool operation in production line,Widely used in plumbing hardware processing field and fluid control。The company has20A number of utility model patent and6Invention patent,Enterprise2014Rated as high-tech enterprises。

 To solve the valve product production process trival,The problem of high labor intensity,Our company according to customer's actual needs, we develop our own five categories、More than ten types of special machine tools,Processing range covers all kinds of valves、Pipe fittings、Water mouth, etc,The traditional more than an artifact one change for multiple workpieces machining production mode,The complex technical labor change to a simple routine work。Valve class dedicated machine greatly improves the processing efficiency、Reduced labor scale,Approved by the user。


1 All models and key components are patented,Have been repeatedly rated municipal patent demonstration enterprises;

2 Practical and reliable new models per year;

3 2011Jinhua rating high-tech enterprises;

4 2012In mechanical industry association member units, zhejiang province;

5 2014Years was rated as high-tech enterprises


Strict trial and review procedures to ensure the rui ding machine has stable quality,All the machine tools are entitled to one year warranty time after production site。

If you encounter any problems in production process,Welcome to contact us at any time。If the fault is still cannot be ruled out,Our engineers will be on24Hours to reach your production site。

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Yuhuan phone service000000-00-0-0-0-03967697093Or will send to the technical documentation:Ixrdjx1994九五至尊娱乐场老品牌163933333 Technology/Service

Note:After the machine reaches the customer production site to provide one year warranty service,Includes free maintenance and free spare parts,A year later I companies provide permanent paid services。The above service does not apply to the customer's second marketing behavior。

24Hours of service scope for jiangsu area,Depending on the distance in other parts of mainland China,Will be in48~72Within hours of arriving。Due to objective factors such as transportation service delay,Is not in the scope of commitment。


If you are interested in and engaged in mechanical design、Manufacturing、Sales, etc?If interested,Please send us the cover letter。

If we are interested in your cover letter,We will invite you to come here for an interview,To introduce you to post requirements、Compensation and career prospects,To help you make informed career decisions。

Mechanical design conditions

Please send your resume to send to:Ixrdjx1994九五至尊娱乐场老品牌163933333

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Lanxi rui ding machine tool co., LTD                   Ixrdjx1994九五至尊娱乐场老品牌163933333Technology/Service

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The service hotline:吉林彩票aa00068aa000776                  Ixrdjx1994九五至尊娱乐场老品牌163933333 Human resources

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Rui ding machine tool in yuhuan salesroom

Address:Zhejiang yuhuan city Truman town, binjiang road long fish mouth

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Rui ding machine tool salesroom mouth town in zhuji city, zhejiang province shop

Address:Shop mouth town pathways35Number

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